Personal Space Wear

Kahty Chenoweth’s Personal Space Wear (PSW) are stretchy colorful fabric forms that are worn by one or more viewers.  Once referred to as "shared domicilic underwear", they behave a little like architecture, and a little like clothing. The forms are a people-powered vehicle for viewers to be participants and become the art. From inside, PSW offers a colorful bubble of private space, with peepholes for surveying the land and onlookers. From outside, the forms display a dancing bauble with multiple legs. At night they become jewels in the darkness lit by the party inside.

Personal Space Wear” was part of a larger series using the concept of conspicuous "binds" for spontaneous participatory art in a variety of locations, including: the London Underground, a Safari Park in Tanzania, the Canadian Rockies, LACMA in Los Angeles, and Cape Canaveral in Florida.