Open to Beyond (2006)

During the artists’ exploration of the desert, the pair became interested in repositioning two existing structures in order to investigate function, context, and material. The first installation is based on a cabin they studied in Wonder Valley. They rebuilt the cabin on the test site in reverse, or in other words, they gave back what it was without. Doors and windows hover in the open landscape, collapsing ideas of exterior and interior, and of the vulnerability or security they would traditionally imply. The second installation is the frame of a large billboard, which has been reconstructed. Seemingly without purpose, with its orientation altered, the skeleton structure poetically instigates a questioning of material culture

A catalogue of the research surrounding these installations, including documentation from site-visits, texts, and selections from hundreds of photographs was published by The Press of Image and Theory in 2007.

*The artists thank The Foundation for Contemporary Art for financial support of this project.