Thank You!

39 OutOut Houses by LeRoy Stevens, HDTS 2011HDTS 2011 was amazing!!  Thank you so much to everyone who turned out for the event last weekend...we are so grateful for your support and involvement.  As things slowly return to a more normal pace here at the HDTS headquarters, we are spending lots of time reminiscing about all of the highlights of the weekend.  Besides wanting to thank all of our awesome attendees, we want to put out a huge thanks to the following people who helped make it all happen.

A huge thanks to our guest curators Brooks Hudson Thomas, The McCarthy Family, and Robert Stone, for bringing us a bunch of artists, designers, and architects who were committed, smart, resourceful, and a total delight to work with.  We are so grateful for your participation, as we know that it took a lot of time and energy to curate such well considered selections!

Another massive thank you to the entire lineup of HDTS 2011 artists: Ball Nogues Studio, bodycity, Bob Carr, Claude Collins-Stracensky, N. Dash, Sam Falls, and Kol Solthon, Sid M. Duenas and Naotaka Hiro, Shari Elf, Dawn Kasper, Tyler Matthew Oyer, Ephraim Puusemp, Kiersten Puusemp, ROLU and WELCOME PROJECTS, Scout Regalia, Adam Silverman, LeRoy Stevens, and Von Tundra, for all your hard work and relentless dedication to your HDTS projects!  We truly hope that you feel all the waves of good will and appreciation for your efforts, and that you will return to say hello or possibly even evolve your high desert projects further in the future.

And a super loud shout-out to Mary, Laura, and James Sibley and everyone at the Palms, for so graciously hosting us - serving up a delicious lasagna dinner AND performing the very same night!

David Dodge, for designing our lovely publication - on a really tight deadline (true to HDTS tradition)

Tellef Tellefson, for designing our website and helping us make it as informative and easy to use as possible!

Ari Marcantonio, for good-naturedly tackling any task, from installing HDTS signs and spearheading the sandwich board project, to baking up several batches of delicious gluten-free cookies!  (We know you are going back to LA, but hope you will be back out to help with future events.)

Suzanne Calkins, our smart and dedicated archivist, for your continued hard work on the website and for bringing your amazing friends on board!

Patrick Woody, for your sparkling energy, and for being on call and ready to assist with any and all HDTS-related needs at a moment’s notice...

E*Rock, Tara Jane ONeil, Lisa Schonberg and Tyler Held, who made us want to put Portland, Oregon as our next destination on the HDTS driving map.

The Sibleys, for your warmth and authenticity - and for always keeping it cool no matter how much is piled on your plate.

Jamuel Saxon for making the long haul to put on a great show s at the Palms!

Llano del Rio, for uncovering the long lost High-Desert Peace Pipe Archives and sharing this rich material with HDTS.

Our core team of headquarter volunteers - the driving force keeping everything up and running at the HQ: Catharine Stebbins, Jay Lizo, Brian Bosworth, Jena Lee, and Sofia Arreguin.

Our new HQ volunteers who turned out for the weekend: Montana Graboyes, Vivian Haesloop, Samantha Plakun, Lia Griesser, Laurel Bybee, Eva Struble, Danielle McCullough, and Marie Saldana for holding down the fort at the HDTS HQ and keeping an eye on the sites during the event!

David Eaves, Tano Ferrer, Bucky Glaubitz, Katya Khan, Roman Khan, Stephanie Lie, Kate Moxham, Geoff Tuttle, Kerri Tuttle, and Bari Ziperstein for giving our artists a hand with their installs!

Shaun Regen and Regen Projects, for your continued support of HDTS and for hosting the lovely artists’ brunch.

Hannah Rose Vainstein and the Lower Lodge, for providing HDTS guests with a shady spot to retreat from the sun and enjoy a cup of tea.

Hannah Stearn, Andrea's ultra amazing A-Z West intern from the UK - and covergirl of the HDTS 2011 publication

Andy Stillpass for generously offering your Gamma Gulch parcel as a HDTS project test site!

Molly Sullivan, for your block printing expertise!

ForYourArt, for your continued support of HDTS!

David John for sharing some great interviews with HDTS artists on YHBHS.

John Schuster and Clea Benson, our landlords at the Starlite, for your ongoing understanding and support.

Gordon and Miriam Zittel, for all your help behind the scenes.

Thank you so much!