HDTS 2011 October 15-16

35 Photo by Aurora Tang.
The HDTS 2011 Event is immanent!  There are a lot of important last minute details that need to go out.

*Shari Elf is looking for singers to participate in The World Famous Crochet Museum’s Gospel Revival.  If you have ever sung gospel, or just fantasized about belting it out, give Shari a shout.  There will be rehearsals in Joshua Tree the week before the event.  Contact Shari Elf for more info.

*Support and learn more about Claude Collins-Stracensky's United States Artists fundraising campaign for his HDTS 2011 project Solar Distiller/Fountains.

*An Indian Casino is proposed for Joshua Tree, just east of the dinosaurs on Highway 62. There will be a meeting at the Joshua Tree Community Association in the JT Community Center (6171 Sunburst) at 10 am on Saturday the 15th to discuss these plans.  It is critical to get a large turnout at this meeting because Sen. Feinstein's representative has told us that he will make his recommendation based on community input.  Please help protest the casino and come to this meeting before heading out to see the sites. Read about it in the Joshua Tree Star.

The HDTS 2011 Driving Map will be posted the week before the event.  Download it if you are driving in from out of town so that you can check out the western sites such as Andy’s Gamma Gulch Site (Pioneertown) and Sky Village Swap Meet (Yucca Valley) on your way to the HDTS HQ in downtown Joshua Tree .

The HQ will have lots of things for sale, including the HDTS publication, books, cool succulents and planters, life enhancement accessories, and refreshments. *Bring lots of cash.  The Dinner at the Palms will be a cash only event as well.

Plan your trip wisely.  Bring lots of water, snacks, big hats, sunscreen, a trash bag for your refuse – and be ready to help dig fellow travelers out of the sand.

Remember – HDTS is run on a shoestring budget.  Our entire event is built upon the generosity of our artists (who are totally self-funded) and our awesome volunteer force.  We need you to help make lots of goodwill between HDTS and our local community – so be cool, be respectful, spend money in their shops, and don’t hesitate to jump in and help out.