the insanity principle
workshops with linda carmella sibio
a new monthly program!

HDTS is excited to announce THE INSANITY PRINCIPLE - a series of workshops by Linda Carmella Sibio

These two hour workshops will focus on performance, writing, and contemporary art through a series of techniques designed by Sibio that include fragmentation, interrupters, psychological opposites, and the psychological model as a method of acting. Many of these methods are part of a manuscript by Sibio called "Reflections in a Broken Mirror," which delves into her own personal innovative approaches to art-making. Writing techniques include the cut up method, multiple story lines, pattern and rhythm as methods of structure, and performance approached as a scultural tool as well as through drawings and painting.

Pariticipants should wear clothing that will allow them to do movement and unusual things. They should bring a healthy snack as there will be a short break. They are also encouraged to bring a good drawing paper, charkole, kneaded erasers, #2B pencil, and any objects they want to work with such as musical instruments, found objects, or costumes they want to try.

The workshop is intense and psychological. Warm-ups before coming are recommended but not required. Students can be emerging or established artists.

Linda Carmella Sibio's practice focuses on society and exploring how it affects culture as a whole. Madress has been a dominant theme in her work, having been influenced by her own diagnosis as schizophrenic and her mother's incarceration in mental hospitals for 15 years during her childhood. Her philosophy reflects a combination of personal experience and intellectual pursuits and has been influenced by Marcel Duchamp's "The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bacholors, Even," Foucault's "Madress and Civilization," Antonin Artaud's "Theater and It's Double," and Deleuze and Guattari's "Anti-Oedipus."

Sibio's work brings awareness to modern day ostracizing of the insane from a productive society. In ancient times the insane were looked to for insights and guidance, today they clean dishes and bus tables. We can learn a lot about our society and culture by how the mad are treated. As we dispose of human beings so then we go toward a disposable culture.

The fragmented thinking of the schizophrenic is actually a window into the placement of our culture. We are living in a deconstructed world no longer thinking linear thoughts. Our perceptions are continually interrupted by television, Internet, video surveillance, the media - we no longer have a single thought. We think in a multi-layered complex pattern. In order for our culture to go forward, the darkness of the dismembered body needs to come into the light. We need to fragment in order to become whole again.

Workshops begin Saturday, October 14th and continue every 2nd Saturday
Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
65336 Winters Rd. Joshua Tree, CA
$30 minimum donation (all proceeds go to the artist)

For questions and to reserve a spot, email
Inquire via email to apply for a reduced rate
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