high desert test kitchen
february theme: sustainability soapbox
february 19, 2018 at copper mountain mesa community center


At the HDTK dinners, we set aside a little time each meeting to discuss specific plants that grow out here in the desert and how we’ve worked with them in our kitchens. Over the months, we’ve heard little snippets of interesting tangential projects you have going on at home, like permaculture systems and homesteading practices—but we never get to hear the full story. So is there something you’re doing that you want to share and teach our community? Maybe you’re building a rain-capturing system, or just installed solar energy. Or maybe you’re a skilled gardener and cultivate specific plants to attract pollinators. Maybe you’ve got a compost system, or composting toilets, and have found ways to deal with waste. Or maybe you’re thinking about some of these things, and have found a certain person or movement or book or TED talk inspiring to your ambitions. If so, we want to hear about it!

This month’s test kitchen is the second of two that features a concept rather than a specific ingredient. As we stay astride with the seasons and witness the plant world in its sleepy state, we will continue to elaborate on themes of resourcefulness and sustainability, and we’d like you to give you the opportunity to share what you’re doing during February’s “sustainability soapbox.” We’ll be setting up an open-mic-style situation, and invite you to speak about your ideas, goals, and accomplishments. If you want to present, come prepared with 7-10 minutes of material. The format is entirely up to you—from power-point to theatrical interpretations to mini DIY workshops, we’ll do our best to accommodate your style. Sign up is at 6:30pm, and presentations and potluck will begin at 7pm
Note to potential presenters: If you want to use media (a video, slideshow, podcast), please contact me ahead of time so we can make sure your files are compatible with our operating systems. If you’ve got something in mind and need help thinking about how to present that to the group, as always, I’m here to help. —Sarah Witt

For more information on HDTK, as well as more helpful tips on this month's theme, check out Sarah's website.

Monday, February 19th at 7pm (presenters sign up at 6:30pm)
Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center
65336 Winters Rd. Joshua Tree, CA

High Desert Test Kitchen (HDTK) is an informal monthly dinner gathering organized by artist Sarah Witt. Participants bring a dish to share that is either made with or inspired by ingredients inhabiting this peculiar span of the North American desert. Exploring the Mojave from a culinary perspective, HDTK naturally intersects with foraging practices and Native American traditions, and inevitably ignites debates concerning ethical human-to-wilderness relationships - hopefully challenging our taste buds too.