HDTS Scout

We’re very excited to welcome Katie Bachler to Joshua Tree as our first HDTS Scout!

The HDTS Scout Residency is dedicated to learning more about the people and places that make up our diverse and ever evolving community.  Our Scout will maintain a “Scout’s blog” on the HDTS website – and will have a home base setup in the back room and archive of the HDTS HQ in downtown Joshua Tree.

Drop into the HQ and meet Katie, our steadfast and effervescent inaugural Scout, who can be found in her base camp at the HQ making maps, hosting conversations, and baking bread – in between her off-site adventures around town and out in the field.

Katie has a lot in store for the next few months, including:

-a series of talks featuring local experts -  joining together to create a web of knowledge
-a research library and archive documenting the many spaces, places, plants, and people that make up this special region
-casual conversations with drop in visitors over tea
-site visits and field trips around town

Check out the Scout’s Blog to see what Katie’s up to!