HDTS 2017: Thank you!

What a weekend! We'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this event possible--and there are a lot of you. We are so excited that HDTS 2017 brought our biennial roving event back to our home turf, and we couldn't have pulled it off without our dedicated artists, donors, volunteers, attendees, and friends. 

If you missed the event, you can still catch "An Ephemeral History of High Desert Test Sites: 2002-2015" through November 12th! The exhibition will remain open at the firehouse next to Copper Mountain Mesa Community Center at 65336 Winters Rd in Joshua Tree on weekends from 11am-5pm. And it's not too late to snag some HDTS 2017 merch! Tote bags by Edie Fake and T-shirts by Carolyn Pennypacker-Riggs are available for purchase on our webshop.
Thank you to this year's curators Aram Moshayedi and Sohrab Mohebbi for taking this on in the first place, and for their vision and for bringing totally wild card proposals (like the Palm Talks) to the table. 
The artists and Palm Talks speakers/musicians who contributed stellar, inspiring works and performances: Fiona Connor, Bob Dornberger, Sarah Witt, Neil Doshi, Edie Fake, Glenn-Murray & Co., Oliver Payne, Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs, Ry Rocklen, Trinie Dalton, Gary Dauphin, Steve Kado, Alexander Keefe, Nancy Klein, Annelies Kuiper, Cailin O'Connor, Litia Perta, Linda Sibio, Bobby Jesus, Frances Stark, Sam Thorne, James Owen Weatherall, Aurora Tang, Cay Castagnetto, MPA, and the Renderers.
And also a thank you to the artists who contributed their written memories, photos, ephemera, and/or remnants to An Ephemeral History of High Desert Test Sites, or who were involved under the auspices of some of the larger projects: AUDC, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Justin Beal, Jedediah Caesar, Center for Tactical Magic, Kate Costello, Jeremy Deller, Jim Drain, Jacob Dyrenforth, Shannon Ebner, Lars Fisk, Christy Gast, Katie Grinnan, Wade Guyton, GWC, Investigators, Mary Beth Heffernan, Dave Hopkins, Patrick Jackson, Christopher James, Alex Kennewick, Mark Klassen, Fabienne Lasserre, Marie Lorenz, Allan McCollum, Aleksandra Mir, Yoshua Okun, Joel Otterson, Julianna Parr, Raymond Pettibon, Jack Pierson, Virginia Poundstone, Lisi Raskin, Jeff Reed, David Shrigley, LeRoy Stevens, Jesse Sugarmann, Mungo Thomson, Von Tundra, Amy Yao, Wendy Yao, Nancy Stella Soto, Janai Leeb, Jess Basta, Jiha Lee, Tany Ling, Laurel Seidl, Rachel Burgos, David Cavazos, Dan Anderson, Spencer Keizer, and Chiara Giovando.
Amazing humans who made our dreams and our hard work a reality, we really could not have done this without you: Adrienne Adar, Annie Albagli, Isaac Aronson, Alex Arzt, Ida Badal, Charlie Baran, Doug Blanc, Aimee Buyea, Kristy Campbell, Julie Cavalier, Arielle Chiara, Elizabeth Eisenstein, Lizzy Gabay, Jenne Giles, Mary Beth Heffernan, Eloise Hess, Adriene Jenik, Zya Levy, Joanna Keane Lopez, Sarah Lyon, Colin Maccubbin, Shay Myerson, Orianna Reardon, Yoma Ru, Jillian Sandell, Abbey Lee Sarver, Hannah Vainstein, and Christina Villamor.
The Palms/The Sibleys for being the best and most hard-working, lasagna-making, bartending dinner hosts year after year. Kip Fjeld (the real MVP), Steve Tuttle, Crystal Wysong and the entire CMMCA Board for transforming the firehouse, fixing the toilets, letting us take over for the weekend and being all-around great neighbors. Dhamma Dena Desert Vipassana Center for providing us with much needed meditative space at the end of the weekend. Chachi Mathis, Amber Phelps-Bondaroff, Jeff Meldrum, Lisa Ward, Alison Jean Cole, Jim Kanter, and Julia Sizek for helping Bob and Sarah build, bake, cook and scramble their way through Hole Foods Pit Stop. Jonas Frederiksen, Jack Levinson, Anna Frost, Jake Eisenmann, Gabe Garza, Jeffrey Alan Scudder, Mai Downs, Marek Wolfryd, Douglas Murray, Ruth Kace and Madeline Smith for helping Lydia put together the raddest swap meet booth. Grant LaValley, Harrison Fraley, Maren Jensen, and Teuntje Kranenborg for helping us realize the exhibition display structures. Nico Dregni and Katie Wood for helping us transport the displays to the firehouse. Seb Clough and the Fowler Museum, Anton Kern Gallery, and Shaun Regen for lending equipment and artworks to the exhibition. Adobe Collective for donating accomodations for some of the Palm Talks speakers. 
Ed Ruscha, Michael Rubel and Kristen Rey, Barbara Morse and the Mica Foundation, Linda Janger, Jerry Sohn, David Knaus, Marilyn Pearl Loesberg, Diane Waldman, Donna Pohlad, and Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.
Whether you made it to one site or joined us throughout the whole weekend–thank you. It was so great to see old friends' faces and meet some new ones.
Thank you all so much, we love you!