Summer 2011


There are lots of changes at the High Desert Test Sites this summer! Aurora Tang is joining us as our new Administrative Director - Aurora will be splitting her time between HDTS and the Center for Land Use Interpretation, where she is a program manager. She has also recently worked with the Getty Conversation Institute and the Dia Art Foundation to document Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty using balloon photography.

We have a new website thanks to Tellef Tellefson, who has donated many long hours to create a site comprehensive enough to catalog our vast array of projects, workshops, and other desert endeavors. Also key in getting all of this information on-line were the efforts of Suzanne Calkins, who gathered and uploaded our images and project descriptions, as well as Mette Woller, our intern from Denmark, who first began tracking down this material about a year ago.  As you can imagine, things tend to get pretty caught up in the moment when working out here, and it is sometimes hard to remember to take pictures on top of everything else going on.  We always feel particulary lucky when someone sends us a great shot that everyone else forgot to take. If you have anything to add to the HDTS archive, please don't hesitate to send it to