Announcing HDTS 2013
Expanding Horizons


High Desert Test Sites is excited to announce our next "big" event, HDTS 2013!

HDTS 2013, the ninth program in a series of free ranging and ever evolving contemporary art events, will expand our range and depth to take in everything from Joshua Tree, California to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The event will take place over an entire week, during which artists and audience alike traverse the desolate desert roads and explore the hidden gems, both old and new, between Joshua Tree and Albuquerque.

This journey will lead us to the locale of this year's co-curators, Dave Hickey and Libby Lumpkin, who relocated to New Mexico after a legendary residency in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Dave and Libby have been on our minds for a long time now and we are excited to finally team up with them as this year's curatorial partners - bringing HDTS to their doorstep (so to speak).

So NOW is the time to start doing R&D for proposals!  Projects can take place at any site either in or between Joshua Tree and Albuquerque.

Submissions should include the following:

  • Description of project: What do you want to do?
  • Description of site: Where do you plan to do it?  Do you have access or permission to use this site?
  • Duration of project: How long will your installation or performance be on view—do you envision a one-time performance for the HDTS 2013 event, or a long-term installation?
  • Any images or supporting material

Please send all submissions in PDF format to  Formal submission deadlines, event dates, and more information will be announced soon.