Kip's Desert Book Club
Twentynine Palms, a Novel - Daniel Pyne
december 7, 2015


Kip's Desert Book Club will once again gather at Bernard Leibov's BoxoHOUSE on December 7th to discuss the book Twentynine Palms, a Novel by Daniel Pyne. I had relatively low expectations for this novel when I began reading it, but then I got sucked into its desert noir world like a magnet, and it left me with a favorable impression in the end. I'm eager to hear what others think about how the city of Twentynine Palms is portrayed–hopefully leading to some lively discussion. The book is available on Kindle, and preowned for only a penny on Amazon, so give it a read.

BoxoHOUSE's address is 62732 Sullivan Road in Joshua Tree, but don't bother to GPS yourself there, it will end in tears. Simply turn south on Whitefeather Road off of Highway 62, drive past the hospital and turn right on the second dirt road, when you see the Boxo sign. Bernard's house will be the first one on the left with the "Book Club" sign in front. Bring a folding chair if you have one, so we are sure to have enough seating, and try to park around back near the garage. See you there and don't forget to bring the delicious snacks and drinks!

Monday, December 7, 2015, 7 pm
62732 Sullivan Road
Joshua Tree, CA
 (see driving directions above)

This is the fifteenth meeting of Kip's Desert Book Club
See Book Club homepage for more information on this monthly gathering

High Desert Reading Aloud Room
Organized by Neil Doshi
November 14–15, 2015


If reading is an act of interpretation, then what is reading aloud? Are you both the parrot and the master telling the parrot what to say? Are we as listeners interpreting what the reader is saying or the sayings of their voice? What happens when the solitary act of reading becomes shared?

Please join us, as participants and invited guests ponder these questions and read aloud from a various selection of texts.

Participants include Kristen Van Deventer, Kip Fjeld, Steve Kado,  Annelies Kuiper, Ken Layne and Y O U, the mighty reader.

With selections of books found from in and around the Swap Meet, Kip's Desert Book Club, the Connections library, Cactus Wren Bookstore, and issues of The Desert Oracle.

Excerpts from the Reading Aloud Room will be recorded and transmitted over the ‘airwaves’ in partnership with local internet radio station Radio Free Joshua Tree

Saturday, November 14, 2015, 9AM–1PM
Sunday, November 15, 2015, 9AM-12PM
HDTS HQ at Sky Village Swap Meet
7028 Theater Road
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

High Desert Reading Aloud Room is organized by Neil Doshi.  This project is supported in part by a grant from James Irvine Foundation - Arts Regranting Program/Inland Empire at The Community Foundation, Strengthening Inland Southern California through Philanthropy.  Special thanks Zena Bender, Bob & Elizabeth Carr, and Sky Village Swap Meet.

Desert Archive Days
organized by Caitlin Denny
november 7–8, 2015


The Desert Archive Days will host a handful of beloved and established institutions of California's high desert community in sharing special collections from their personal and official archives. Through presentations of documents and behavioral artifacts outside of the trajectory of traditional archival material, we will explore the revolutionary and freedom seeking history of the Morongo Basin.

Live lectures from some of your favorite high desert folks, slide show projections and unusual objects will inspire and intrigue those interested in the rich community-based history of the rural towns of Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, and Landers.

We invite locals to bring their own artifacts or documents that may be of historical interest. Remember, the personal archives are just as important as the "official" archives.

For artifacts/documents that need preparation or specialty handling, please contact Caitlin Denny prior to the event.

View full schedule and more information here! 

November 7–8, 2015, 8AM - 2PM
HDTS HQ at Sky Village Swap Meet
7028 Theater Road
Yucca Valley, CA 92284

Desert Archive Days is organized by Caitlin Denny.  This project is supported in part by a grant from James Irvine Foundation - Arts Regranting Program/Inland Empire at The Community Foundation, Strengthening Inland Southern California through Philanthropy.  Special thanks Zena Bender, Bob & Elizabeth Carr, and Sky Village Swap Meet.

Kip's Desert Book Club
The White Heart of Mojave - Edna Brush Perkins
november 2, 2015


Let's travel out to Bob Tellefson's house in Wonder Valley and discuss The White Heart of Mojave by Edna Brush Perkins. A well crafted adventure tale of a trip to Death Valley by two east coast socialites in 1920. The afterward is almost as long as the book–illustrated, and well worth reading. Mr. Wild did some serious research to add depth to the many desert characters Edna encountered along her way.

To get to Bob's house, take Hwy 62 east from 29 Palms for about 8 miles and turn left on Shelton Road (it's just past where the highway makes a big zig zag). Drive north about 1.5 miles, and turn right on El Paseo. Bob is the last and only house on the right. If the weather is nice, he says we can play ping pong!

Monday, November 2, 2015, 7 pm
The Tellefson Residence
Wonder Valley, CA
 (see driving directions above)

This is the fourteenth meeting of Kip's Desert Book Club.
See Book Club homepage for more information on this monthly gathering

HDTS: Epicenter - Thanks!

586 Brainchild 3 by Kathleen Johnson & Mark So, Mars Desert Research Station; Image: Bill Morrison,

This weekend-long event brought together folks from near and far (from at least 14 US states and 6 countries!) for a long weekend of programs and projects in and around the spectacular landscape and community of Green River in Southern Utah.  

We'll be sharing more images and recaps from the big event in the coming days, but in the meantime here are some images to give you a glimpse of the weekend.  Also, please let us know if you have any stories, photos, videos, or other documentation or personal accounts from the event that you would like to contribute to the HDTS Archive!

HDTS: Epicenter was the culmination of a lot of hard work by many talented and generous individuals who we are fortunate to call our collaborators, colleagues, and friends.  

Thank you to all the amazing individuals who helped make this year's event possible:

Our featured artists: Steve Badgett, Cabin-Time (Geoffrey Holstad, Ryan Greaves, Mary Rothlisberger, Sarah Darnell, Carson Davis Brown & Nick Stockton), Alyse Emdur & Michael Parker, Butchy Fuego and the Seeing Trails DFA (Eugene Ahn, Chase Bingham, Jeremiah Chiu, Greg Colebourn, Jonah Fernandez Olson, Butchy Fuego & George Jensen), Kathleen Johnson & Mark So (with Dominique Cox, Julie Brody, Kate Brown, Mari Garrett & Gabie Strong), Alison Kinney, Daniel Nickerson, Cyrus Smith & Matt Takiff, Nicole Lavelle, Charlie Macquarie, Allan McCollum, Jordan Topiel Paul & J. Gordon Faylor, Ephraim Puusemp, Kiersten Puusemp & Raivo Puusemp, and Bennett Williamson.

Our co-organizers at Epicenter: Bryan Brooks, Cyrus Smith, Maria Sykes, Mary Rothlisberger, Jack Forinash, Chris Lezama, Ryann Savino, Katie Anderson, and Armando Rios.

Our designers: Sarah Baugh, Taryn Cowart, and Nicole Lavelle.

We are grateful to the following foundations for their support of HDTS: Epicenter: Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, National Endowment for the Arts (Art Works-Design), Utah Division of Arts and Museums, Utah’s Emery County Travel Board, and the Sorenson Legacy Foundation. 

And a very special thanks to: Andrea Bacigalupo, Adam Bateman, Claire Bennett, Paulina Berczynski, Conae Black, Carson Brown, Cari Carmean, Kenneth Carpenter, Jo Anne Chandler, Alison Jean Cole, Matthew Dannevik, Bob Dornberger, Nancy Dunham, Dunham Melons, Luke Forsyth, ForYourArt, Leah Gallant, Adam Geremia, Marisa Goedhart, Green River Archives, Green River Conoco, Green River Thrift Store, Holiday River Expeditions, KCHUNG, The King Family, Bernard Leibov, Lloyd Logan, Jason Manley and the Weber State University sculpture program, The Mars Society, Miles Mattison, Jason Metcalf, Bill Morrison, Joelle Neuenschwander and Antonia, PACT, Justin Queen, Ray's Tavern, Rob Ray, Robbers Roost Motel, Shannon Rupert, Kathy Ryan, Julia Schenck, Shady Acres Gas Station, The Thaun Family, Sophie Trauberman, USU Eastern Prehistoric Museum, Hannah Vainstein, and Lisa Ward.

HDTS is nothing without our dedicated and resourceful artists, volunteers, supporters, collaborators, attendees, and friends – thank you!