kip's desert book club
gold fame citrus by claire vaye watkins
october 2, 2017 at the palms

In her novel Gold Fame Citrus, Claire Vaye Watkins uses her writing skills to spin a possible future for California after our precious water supplies dry up. It is an adventure well worth taking, where the ever-growing Mojave desert becomes one of the main characters. If you happen to be allergic to post-apocalyptic novels, give this one a chance, it has hope and a big heart at its core. 

Kip's Desert Book Club
The Man Who Quit Money by Mark Sundeen
September 4th in Joshua Tree

I'm looking forward to reading Andrea's pick for the September 4th Book Club meeting, The Man Who Quit Money, by Mark Sundeen. At 7:00 pm at Andrea's house, we will be talking about how Daniel Suelo left his last $30 in a phone booth and started living his life without money in the Utah canyonlands. To get to the meeting place, drive east on Hwy 62 and just outside of JT,  turn right (south) on the dirt road in front of the Bail Bonds office (Neptune.), then follow my nifty white Book Club signs to guide you in. Plenty of parking is available if you continue past the house to the studio on the upper level. Can't wait to see you there!