HDTS Scout

We’re very excited to welcome Katie Bachler to Joshua Tree as our first HDTS Scout!

The HDTS Scout Residency is dedicated to learning more about the people and places that make up our diverse and ever evolving community.  Our Scout will maintain a “Scout’s blog” on the HDTS website – and will have a home base setup in the back room and archive of the HDTS HQ in downtown Joshua Tree.

Drop into the HQ and meet Katie, our steadfast and effervescent inaugural Scout, who can be found in her base camp at the HQ making maps, hosting conversations, and baking bread – in between her off-site adventures around town and out in the field.

Katie has a lot in store for the next few months, including:

-a series of talks featuring local experts -  joining together to create a web of knowledge
-a research library and archive documenting the many spaces, places, plants, and people that make up this special region
-casual conversations with drop in visitors over tea
-site visits and field trips around town

Check out the Scout’s Blog to see what Katie’s up to! 

Demolition Party - Thank You!!


A HUGE THANKS to everyone who came out to Wonder Valley to deconstruct and bid farewell to HDTS 2011's Yucca Crater by Ball Nogues Studio.  Tearing down the Crater safely, efficiently, and effectively was a seriously massive undertaking, and each and every set of hands toward the endeavor made a big difference!

A very special thank you to Kip Fjeld, the mastermind behind the demolition!  Thank you for your incredible brainstorming, organizational skills, enthusiasm, and overall dedication to the effort …not to mention the amazing guacamole!

Thank you Mac for working with Kip ahead of the other volunteers to safely fell the crater!

Katherine Ball, you are awesome - and managed to keep a smile through all the sweat! 

Hannah Stearn, our truly wonderful A-Z West Host Intern - we're SO happy you're back!

Lucas Alexander Wrench, we can't wait for you to get back out here this summer, as our new A-Z West Intern!

Kate Moxham & Douglas Tausik, you guys REALLY stuck it out -  You are amazing! 

Steve Winawer, a longtime friend of HDTS, thanks so much!

Julia Buckley, so wonderful to see you out here--and thank you!

Elizabeth Folk & the UCSB/SBCC crew, you SAVED our lives--just when we didn't think it could happen

We are SO grateful! 


Learning the Ropes
An Introduction to the Knot
May 5, 2012



Join us in the sunny courtyard behind the HDTS HQ for a casual afternoon workshop on the knot, featuring three knot experts from varying backgrounds - a sailor, a climber, and a jewelery designer - who will share some of the many applications and interpretations of this age old practice.

Sailing Knots with Pete Broadwell
a sailing instructor and enthusiast (who also happens to be an Eagle Scout)

Climbing Knots with Jenny Kane
a Joshua Tree resident and climbing instructor, who also unwinds knots with massage therapy

Ornamental Knots with Paula Peng
an artist, musician, and jewelry designer, who creates amazing knotted jewelry at ambargris

And if you're still not knotted out, we'll have a knot reader available, full of additional references and readings, covering everything from macramé and ancient knot lore to a fascinating text on mathematical knot theory by Institute for Figuring director and science writer Margaret Wertheim.

Saturday, May 5, 2012, 1 - 3 pm

High Desert Test Sites HQ
6470 Veterans Way
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

(The HDTS HQ is located just off of 29 Palms Highway in Downtown Joshua Tree, right around the corner from Pie for the People and Revolution Yoga, one block west of Park Boulevard on the north side of the highway.)

Free (suggested donation $5 - 15)

RSVP at info@highdeserttestsites.com (suggested)



Visit A-Z West and the A-Z Enterprise, where you will be led on an intimate tour of the house, studio, Wagon Station Encampment, Homestead Cabin, Regenerating Field, and shipping container compound.

A-Z West is located over fifty acres in the California high desert next to Joshua Tree National Park.  Since 2000 the grounds have been ever evolving as Andrea Zittel's test site for designs for living, where all aspects of day-to-day living—home furniture, clothing, and food all become the sites of investigation in an ongoing endeavor to better understand human nature and the social construction of needs.

Amy & Wendy Yao's Art Swapmeet 2012
Welcome to the Dessert


Saturday, February 25, 2012, 8 am - 2 pm
Sky Village Swap Meet
7028 Theatre Road, Yucca Valley

Join High Desert Test Sites for the 6th edition of Amy & Wendy Yao's Art Swapmeet - loads of artwork at bargain prices in the middle of the Sky Village Swap Meet, one of the best shopping environments known to mankind and home to Bob Carr’s Crystal Cave.  Come early, and don't forget to bring cash!

Featuring booths by:

Green Gallery (Milwaukee), Art Swapmeet Editions, Two Serious Ladies w/ Anna Sew Hoy and Eve Fowler (LA), Nik Gambaroff (NY), Lisa Jo (NY), Rob Halverson/ C-O-O-L A-R-T (Portland), Wendy Yao (LA), Tobias Madison (Switzerland), Amy Yao, David Benjamin Sherry (NY), Eric Wesley (LA), Sara Clendening (LA), Marlous Borm (Amsterdam), Max Krivitzky (LA), A2Z video (LA), Travis Boyer (NY), castillo/corrales (Paris), KCHUNG (LA), THEFT w/Alaina Claire Feldman and Caitlyn Amundson (NY), Desiree Klein (LA), Sara Deraedt (Vienna), Cooper Jacoby (LA), CLUB NUTZ w/ Tyson Reeder & Josh Kline (NY), R. Kelly NIGHTKLUB w/ Laura Owens & Edgar Bryan (LA), Christine Wang (LA), Dean Spunt & Beth Houfek (LA), Rochelle Goldberg (Canada), Students from the Mountain School of Arts: Thora Dolven Balke (Norway), Laurent Dupont-Garitte (Brussels), Ryan Fabel (LA), Sean Fabi (LA), Clara Chapin Hess (NY), Merideth Hillbrand (LA), Anna Hrund (Iceland), Michael Kent (Glasgow), Katherine McLeod (NY), Rebecca Stephany (Amsterdam), Justin Swinburne (LA), Melanie Velarde (Berlin), Hanni Fox (LA), Galina Peters (LA), Axel Petersen (Sweden) ...and more...