kip's desert book club
mirage: the false promise of desert agriculture by russell clemings
april 2, 2018 at mother house

Laurence and John Alexis have once again graciously offered to host our Desert Book Club. They have picked some fantastic books for us the last 3 years, and this month they are letting me choose the book, Mirage by Russell Clemings, subtitled: The False Promise of Desert Agriculture. I have been aware of this book for quite a while now, and am eager to read it and hear what others are thinking about this important topic.

the insanity principle workshops
taught by artist linda carmella sibio
march 10, 2018 at copper mountain mesa community center

Join us for the next “Insanity Principle Workshop” taught by painter and performance artist Linda Carmella Sibio! Workshops occur every second Saturday through April 2018 in Joshua Tree. The workshops include a variety of multilayered psychological techniques, developed by Sibio, tapping into memory, play, and personal narrative as a source for art making. 

Kip's Desert Book Club
the dispossessed by ursula k. leguin
march 5, 2018 in north joshua tree

Tonelise Rugas, great lover of science fiction, is pleased to host the March 5th Book Club meeting at 7pm. Of her several book suggestions, I felt that in memory of the recent passing of the great Ursula K. LeGuin, we should be reading her book, The Dispossessed
high desert test kitchen
february theme: sustainability soapbox
february 19, 2018 at copper mountain mesa community center


At the HDTK dinners, we set aside a little time each meeting to discuss specific plants that grow out here in the desert and how we’ve worked with them in our kitchens. Over the months, we’ve heard little snippets of interesting tangential projects you have going on at home, like permaculture systems and homesteading practices—but we never get to hear the full story. So is there something you’re doing that you want to share and teach our community? Maybe you’re building a rain-capturing system, or just installed solar energy. Or maybe you’re a skilled gardener and cultivate specific plants to attract pollinators. Maybe you’ve got a compost system, or composting toilets, and have found ways to deal with waste. Or maybe you’re thinking about some of these things, and have found a certain person or movement or book or TED talk inspiring to your ambitions. If so, we want to hear about it!