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HDTS 2013 begins this Saturday!
October 12–19, 2013
driving map, schedule, and travel tips


The HDTS 2013 event is imminent!  There are a lot of important last minute details that need to go out before you hit the road:


Here it is!  Click the links below to download PDF event maps and schedules:

FULL MAP & SCHEDULE  October 12–19: Joshua Tree to Albuquerque (includes opening weekend map/schedule)
OPENING WEEKEND MAP & SCHEDULE  October 12–13: Joshua Tree area only

Download and print out a copy to take with you, or pick one up at the HDTS HQ Saturday October 12th or Sunday October 13th if you’re coming out for the opening weekend in Joshua Tree.  Print copies will be also be available throughout the route, and at our “ABQ HQ” outside the Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque on Saturday October 19th.

There is A LOT going on, and more sites than you will realistically be able to see, so in many instances you will have to pick and choose–and take your time!  We recommend reading through the driving map/schedule (there are lots of tips!) and plotting out your road trip before you hit the road.  But be prepared to be flexible, too–you may encounter unexpected detours, closures, and slight scheduling shifts (some of our projects on the road are sited in National Parks…we sure hope they will be open by then, but if not, keep your ears open for updates.)  

If you're looking for places to rest your head on the road, check out our suggestions.


The HQ will have lots of things for sale, including the new HDTS 2013 publication, books, life enhancement accessories, camping stuff, and brand new HDTS gear.  We now take credit cards at the HQ, but project sites like the Wonder Valley Way Station will have plenty of artist-made wares, too, and as you guessed, CASH ONLY!  Saturday opening night dinner at The Palms (first-come-first-served homemade chicken or veggie enchilada plates for $10) will be a CASH ONLY event as well. 

If you’re heading on the road, it’s always good to carry some emergency cash, too, just in case.  Many places accept cash only!


Dress in layers (daytime can be hot, nighttime chilly).  Bring lots of water, snacks, big hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, a headlamp, and a trash bag for your refuse, and make sure your car has plenty of gas–and be ready to help dig fellow travelers out of the sand.

Leave no trace–be careful of fragile desert plants while walking through sites (watch out for snakes!)  HDTS will traverse delicate ecologies and communities that desire to protect them.  We need you to help make lots of goodwill between HDTS and these diverse desert communities–so be cool, be respectful, spend money at local businesses, and don’t hesitate to jump in and help out.  Help keep HDTS a positive force.

To learn more, visit the HDTS 2013 event page.

Planning your trip
HDTS 2013 - October 12-19


HDTS 2013 launches in just one month!

We’re so excited to share our general event itinerary with you, so you can begin to plan for your trip!  Here’s the basic rundown on how HDTS 2013 will work:

Each day we will focus on a specific leg of the route between Joshua Tree and Albuquerque–highlighting independent projects, performances, installations, and points of interest along the way.  There will be a lot to see–more than you will realistically be able to check out, so you will have to pick and choose in some instances—but each day will be anchored by one main evening site, near or at camping/motel/hotel accommodations (with the exception of Thursday October 17, the choose-your-own-adventure day of the trip!)

Looking for a ride, or have one to offer?  Let fellow HDTS 2013 travelers know!

Our full driving map and schedule of events will be released at the beginning of October–join our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss any important updates!
[UPDATE: driving map and schedule now available!]

October 12–13
Joshua Tree, Landers, Pioneertown, Yucca Valley, 29 Palms, Wonder Valley CA

Where to stay: Check out some options here.  Book early!  (The Joshua Tree Music Festival will also be in town!)  Saturday night camping behind The Palms is okay, too!

October 14
Amboy through Kingman AZ

Where to stay: Hill Top Motel, camping just east of Kingman

October 15
Crown King AZ

Where to stay: camping at the Mill Restaurant, or rooms at Bradshaw Mountain Guest Ranch, Cedar Roost Inn, Crown King Saloon, Bear Creek Cabins

October 16
Arcosanti AZ

Where to stay: camping is available at Arcosanti for $5 per person (no reservations necessary), along with a limited number of guest rooms.  Reservations and more info at 928.632.7135 or guests [at] arcosanti.org.  

October 17
Turkey Springs AZ or Gallup NM
(there will be two routes this day!  Choose between the off-the-beaten-path Turkey Springs AZ, or hop off Highway 40 for Gallup NM!)
Where to stay: UFO campout in Turkey Springs, or the El Rancho Hotel in Gallup (mention “High Desert Test Sites” for a discount). Camping is also available 60 miles east of Gallup at Bluewater Lake State Park (gates close at 9PM).

October 18
Belen, Los Lunas, Magdalena NM

Where to stay: campout in Belen, Water Canyon Campground in Magdalena (below the MRO), and plenty of motels/hotels in Socorro.

October 19
Albuquerque NM

Where to stay: Sandia Peak InnMonterey Motel, etc.

a huge thank you!
...but we still need your help!


Thanks to all of our amazing friends and supporters, and an especially generous donation, our basic event costs for HDTS 2013 are now TOTALLY FUNDED!!  Thank you so much to everyone who contributed any amount - we love you and are so grateful and blown away by your generosity and support.  In some cases, the very artists we have been wanting to help out with our fundraiser have actually been donating to support us!   Now is the time that we are able to start to work for them and to generate funds to support their own amazing projects.

Now that we have reached our first fundraising goal of $20,000, every dollar that comes in will go directly to our hardworking and dedicated artists.  HDTS is devoted to showcasing artists working outside of urban cultural centers,  in places that you wouldn't ordinarily think to look.  We challenge artists to surpass the scope of traditional categories as they expand the definition of art to take on new areas of relevancy.  By necessity, our artists are incredibly self reliant, resourceful, and dedicated.  They have been prepared to self-fund their own projects, plus cover additional expenses such as transportation and accommodations out of pocket, and in many cases must compensate for missed days of income at their day jobs.

Now is the time when we can really work to support them.  Please donate to the HDTS 2013 USA Projects campaign and reward our 60 amazing atists for all of their hard work and dedication!

Just two weeks left!
HDTS 2013 Fundraiser

(Edited by Eden Solas)

Many THANKS to everyone who has already donated to our HDTS 2013 fundraiser! We are working hard to raise money for an incredible week-long journey from Joshua Tree to Albuquerque that will include over 60 projects sited along a network of diverse desert locations in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

We have just a few days left to raise almost $8,000, so we need your help now more than ever!  Donate today and receive one of our awesome donor perks!

We look forward to seeing you all in October for HDTS 2013