scout series book release
at the 2017 laabf, february 24-26
#3 eden solas

HDTS is excited to announce the release of our latest labor of love, #3 of our Scout Book Series at the LAABF 2017!

Part of our ongoing Scout Residency, Tender Tinder Tarot Teacher chronicles a year of Eden Solas' daily encounters with the new age, the desert dating scene, economic hardships, and small everyday trials and triumphs through her role of payday loan attendant. Solas’ short stories touch intimately on the breadth of lives in the High Desert region. 

high desert test kitchen
february ingredient: lamiaceae
february 20, 2017

includes sages, chia, lavender, mint

Kip's desert book club
the temptation of st. anthony
february 6, 2017

Not in a million years would I think that the Desert Book Club might be reading Flaubert. When John Alexis suggested The Temptation of St. Anthony as the February selection, he could see that I was rather surprised at the thought. It turns out that this work is not only set in the desert, but it also explores "the desert of the mind" as John put it so well.

high desert test kitchen
january ingredient: yerba santa
january 16, 2017


Coming down from the holiday high can be a bit rough and may leave your immune system running ragged. Forgo the post-party blues and fortify your body and mind with a little bit of holy herb, Yerba Santa

kip's desert book club
the rope by nevada barr
january 2, 2017

Take your mind off of your hectic holiday schedule for a few hours and read The Rope by Nevada Barr. You will get to follow protagonist Anna Pigeon through her adventures working at the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, an artificial lake surrounded by an amazing desert. Besides being a first class whodunit, this novel addresses the environmental, social and emotional issues that arise when large numbers of people utilize isolated wilderness areas.