high desert test kitchen
april ingredient: cholla buds
april 17, 2017


The abundance of spring is undeniable, and is reflected in the increasingly diverse food offerings that have sprouted since the lean winter months. Grab your tongs and get ready to twist a few (cactus) arms, we’re chowing on cholla! 

kip's desert book club
the mojave by david darlington
april 3, 2017

I have been looking forward to reading The Mojave by David Darlington for quite a while now. His subtitle is "A portrait of the definitive American desert" and as anyone that lives in the Mojave can tell you, that would be a challenging painting of words indeed. 

high desert test kitchen
march ingredient: desert candle
March 20, 2017


Spring is officially here, and this month’s test kitchen features a timely Mojave native from the same family as kale…Desert candle

kip's desert book club
the sawtooth complex by susan lang
march 6, 2017

Upon finding out that Sarah Witt had a place in Pipes Canyon and wanted to host a Desert Book Club meeting, Susan Lang's book The Sawtooth Complex immediately came to mind. When Susan did a reading at the Historical Society, there was not a dry eye in the house. Set in our own local mountains, this is a powerful story of people and the environment written only as a person born and raised in the area could write it. 

HDTS Gem/Mineral expo & painted rock auction
Starts tomorrow at human resources los angeles, february 25-26

We are so excited for the third annual HDTS Gem/Mineral Expo and Painted Rock Auction this weekend at Human Resources! Please stop by to check out the vast array of gems, minerals, and crystals for sale along with 54 artist painted (or conceptualized) rocks.